Book Review ~ Jesus Jackson by James Ryan Daley

Jesus Jackson - James Ryan Daley

Jonathan Stiles is your typical 14 year old boy who idolized his older brother, Ryan.  Growing up, Ryan convinced Jonathan that there is no god and that all religion was false.  As Jonathan starts his first day of school as a freshman, Ryan is found dead at the bottom of a ravine behind the school.  Jonathan is convinced that it's murder and the murderer is none other than the star of the football team, Alistair.


That day, Jonathan meets up with Jesus.  Jesus Jackson that is.  Jesus Jackson has an uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ except he dresses like he came straight from the 1970's - white leisure suit and all.  As Jesus learns that Jonathan is without faith in anything, he offers up his services by providing what Jonathan needs - restoring his faith.


And this is what this story is about (at least what I got out of it), finding faith to believe in something you can't see or touch.  Just that feeling that there is something greater out there and we just have to believe - in something.


I think my most favorite quote of the book came from the part where Jesus tricked Jonathan into falling several feet from the bleachers.  Although he came out of the incident unhurt, he asked Jesus what would have happened if he had gotten hurt.  Jesus replied,


" was worth a shot.  That taking a leap of faith is always worth a shot.  After all, whether you land on your feet or fall on your face, at least you'll know what's on the other side.  At least you'll know the truth."


Jesus Jackson was an absolute delight to read.  The writing is flawless and the story line flowed smoothly.  The only thing I did not like is the ending seemed a bit rushed or perhaps I just didn't want the story to end.  Either way, this was a touching and meaningful story that will make the reader think outside the box and provide some entertainment along the way.  Give this one a won't be disappointed.


A special thanks to Poisoned Pen Press for providing me with an Uncorrected Proof of Jesus Jackson in exchange for an honest review.