Book Review ~ Black Lies by Alessandra Torre

Black Lies - Alessandra Torre
“When you really love someone, you cannot walk away. No matter what they do. No matter the lies from their mouth, or the actions from their bodies, you tie yourself tightly to their sail and vow to be there through thick and thin. Let the wind blow you where it may. Even if that place is a crash. Even if that place tears you apart and kills anything good.”

First thoughts on Black Lies? The BEST BOOK I have read this year! No lie! Holy Crap!! I can’t even begin to explain how good this book is. It will mess with your mind and drive you crazy. You will start it and not want to put it down until you devour every single page. Sleep becomes unimportant as you NEED to find out how this story will end - and it will be well worth the loss of sleep! This story is EPIC and one that will stay with me for quite some time. This one did start out slow for me, and at times was wondering why this book was so popular. Then BAM! It grabbed hold of me and I then understood why this love story is so popular. I loved Brant and Layana together as they just seem perfect together, but then this whole secret thing came into play, and I had to know what it was. It drove me absolutely crazy! Then Lee came on the scene, and I was like Holy Crap! Secret? What Secret? I totally loved this man and I was in total agreement with Layana:

“I liked it. I wanted it. I wanted it to fuck me.”
“He fucked me with those eyes. I felt them pull off my clothes and push me back, climb on top of me and make me his.”

Yep, Lee was hot! Lee and Layana together? A SCORCHING BLAZE….and from that point on I indeed wanted to know more on how this story was going to end. But as I kept reading, I began to wonder how Layana could love both these men. How she could continue to keep deceiving Brant. How she could keep Lee on the side. And then it happened - the light bulb moment where it all came together with perfect clarity and it made perfect sense! Brilliant….simply brilliant!

“True love makes a person reckless, makes them take risks and make sacrifices. True love tests the boundaries of our person, makes us yearn to be better and fight for the ground we stand on. I will fight for this love. Lie for it. Steal for it. It’s worthy of that.”

Black Lies is my first experience reading anything by Alessandra Torre, but it will not be my last. The story was captivating, intriguing, gripping and I totally LOVED it! “If you think you’ve heard this story before, trust me – you haven’t.” - Well, you have not heard this story before, and if you haven’t read Black Lies yet, you NEED to because this story is begging to be told!