Book Review ~ Captivate Me (Captivated #1) by S.J. Pierce

Captivate Me (Book One: The Captivated Series) - SJ Pierce

Kat, the main character, is the offspring of a fallen Angel and a prophet.  She also has telekinesis, which she accidentally used in school one day which caused some problems.  In order to make her life easier, her parents send her to a boarding school in Colorado so she can be around kids who also have special abilities.


She has a fresh start and begins to make new friends and even gets a new boyfriend.  Everything seems to be going great – until people start disappearing.  That is when everything falls apart.


Captivate Me is a fascinating twist on the paranormal genre, and I like it.  A Lot.  It was indeed captivating!  Although there are some paranormal aspects to the story, it also has a lot of action, suspense, drama and a small dose of romance.   As an added bonus, the story did not leave off in a cliffhanger.  Nope, it was all tied up nicely, just leaving you with the desire to read the next book in the series – which I will because Captivate Me is an amazing start to what looks to be an awesome series.  Ms. Pierce is a very talented author and her writing flows effortlessly throughout the story.  I can’t wait to see where the author takes this series and it is one that I would highly recommend.