Book Review ~ The Chaise by Brian J. Walters

The Chaise: A Contemporary Romance - Brian J Walters

The Chaise is quite different from anything that I have read before.  Mr. Walters writing is very descriptive and really draws the reader into the story.  At times I was wondering what was going on, but then at the very end, the light bulb went on and I understood completely.  This story really does have a lot of everything compacted into a mere 44 pages and is very compelling to say the least.  There is a very hot erotic scene, but I had an issue with the use of the word “moistness”.  That one word just threw the whole thing off for me.


 “Ali’s body arched as he slid his finger through to feel her moistness.”


Please, please Mr. Walters, don’t use that word when describing a sexual act!  The only time the word moist (or moistness) should be used is when describing a cake. 


Overall, The Chaise was a good solid piece of work, and I will definitely seek out future novels written by this talented author.


*I was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.