Book Review ~ One Night Only: An Erotic Romance Anthology

One Night Only... An Erotic Romance Anthology - Caridad Pineiro, Stephanie Julian, Raven Morris, Willow James

JUST ONE NIGHT - I really enjoyed this story and it was a great start to this anthology.  For an erotic romance, it was really sweet and cute. I know….how can an erotic romance be sweet and cute, you ask?  Well, it was and it totally worked for this story!  I have always been a fan of Caridad Pineiro and this story did not disappoint!


An Indecent Affair Part I - Whew!! This story was INTENSE and so is the sex!  Ms. Julian definitely knows how to reel the reader in with a gritty, raw story.  An Indecent Affair is Part 1 of a continuing story and I am most definitely going to check out the rest of this insanely HOT story! 


Tyed - Things really heat up quickly in this hot and sensual story.  This one will leave you breathless and begging for more!


Pumped - Pumped was by far my favorite story of this anthology and wrapped up the book perfectly.  I had so many good feelings while reading Griffin and Skylar’s story and the outcome left a huge smile on my face!


Wrapping it up.......Overall, this anthology of four hot and sensual stories was extremely satisfying.  Each one will leave you fanning yourself and wondering if someone turned on the heat in the midst of summer.  If you love and enjoy reading erotic romances, then this one is a must read to add to your reading list!


*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.