Book Review ~ Legally Undead by Margo Bond Collins

Legally Undead (Vampirarchy) (Volume 1) - Margo Bond Collins

Elle has her life all figured out and her plans are on schedule until one night when she finds a vampire sucking the life out of her fiancé Greg. That night EVERYTHING changed. That night her fiancé became a blood thirsty vampire and she became a vampire hunter - a really kick ass vampire hunter!

“It’s never easy to see an ex for the first time after you’ve broken up. Seeing an ex for the first time after he’s been turned into a bloodthirsty evil creature of the night is possibly even less easy.”

I totally LOVED Legally Undead! From the very first page, I knew this was not going to be your typical vampire story. Elle is totally awesome! She is smart, has a witty and sarcastic humor , and is just your average girl thrown into a not so average situation. She is not one to run away screaming when confronted by a vampire. Nope, all you get is a squeak as she gets down and dirty with her wood letter opener in hand, ready to inflict damage on any evil vampire that crosses her path!

"Have I mentioned how much it sucks (no pun intended) to be hunted by a vampire? Ruins your whole day"

There is so much to love about this book - humor, action, mystery and a small bit of romance. Ms. Collins has written a vampire story that is a breath of fresh air and I can't wait to read more of this highly entertaining and addictive series. If you love vampires then you NEED to read this's a MUST read!