Book Review ~ Stranger at Sunset by Eden Baylee

Right from the start, the prologue lets the reader know that a murder has taken place.  But who was the victim?  Who was the murderer? And who stood by and watched it all?  After that dramatic beginning with all those questions running around in your head, the story begins.  Ms. Baylee gives the reader just enough details to keep you guessing ‘who-done-it’ and just when you think you might have figured it out, you realize that you got it all wrong.  Not until the very end was the killer revealed, and to me, that is what makes this book an excellent read and a solid mystery/thriller.


Stranger at Sunset by Eden Baylee is one of those novels that starts off as a slow burn and gradually builds to an intense inferno.  Ms. Baylee has managed to craft a thrilling and engaging masterpiece that was difficult to put down.  There were so many characters involved with the story, but each one has an integral part that made this story so engrossing.  With vivid descriptions of Jamaica and of the resort, I really felt that I was right there in the action.  This was an amazing and intense psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and I would recommend it to anyone!