Book Review ~ Monkey Talk (A Short Story) by T. Lucas Earle

Monkey Talk - T. Lucas Earle
With a title like Monkey Talk, one might think that this story will be humorous in nature.  This is not the case in this instance.  Mr. Earle has written a short story that is quite thought-provoking.  In a world where racism, prejudice and discrimination should not even be an issue this day and age,  the author has taken us on a journey into the future and introduces us to  Mr. Towry, a scientifically enhanced chimpanzee.  Mr. Towry gives lectures around the world and is smart as a whip, but no one takes him seriously though, because well....he's an ape.   In a short span of 15 pages, I instantly felt for Mr. Towry and his struggles, not only with society, but his health.  This well written short story will be one that stays with me for some time and one that I would highly recommend.