Book Review ~ Seduce (Succubus Kiss Book 1) by Jennifer Snyder

Seduce (A Succubus Kiss Novel, Book One) - Jennifer Snyder

Life isn’t so bad for succubus, Kenna Blake. True, she seems to be the only succubus with a conscience and a specific strategy for finding her male meals, but she has a cute new apartment, a budding graphic design business, and the most unique friends she’s ever had. 

Her personal love life, however, is non-existent.

Until the legendary vampire Randal Vincent sweeps into her life. Even though he isn’t someone she set out to date, at least she can kiss him without killing him. But when you’re dating someone who’s the inspiration for Dracula, there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way…
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Jennifer Snyder is one of my top favorite authors, so I was super excited to start her new Succubus Kiss Series.  I had previously read Kiss of Awakening, which at the time was part of the Midnight Kiss Box Set, and was really hoping that Ms. Snyder would expand on the story – and she did!!!  Although Seduce can be read without reading Kiss of Awakening, the reader will get some background information that will be helpful when reading Seduce.
Kenna is not your average Succubus.  She only takes what she needs to survive and leaves her victims much better people.  Unfortunately, she has no love life, at all.  It’s kind of hard to date, knowing that you could potentially kill your date with just one kiss, so she just abstains all together.  Her friend and coworker, Sage does try to fix her up with a werewolf, Dex, but in the end, they felt they would just be better off as friends.  I have to say, that I absolutely LOVED Dex!  He had me laughing throughout with his witty one liners and his all-around fun personality.  I need more Dex and really hope to see his character more in the next installment.
It was on Kenna and Dex’s first date that she saw Randal, who happens to be a vampire, at the restaurant and found him very attractive.  After bumping into him in in the most embarrassing way possible they went their separate ways, but Randal constantly invaded her thoughts and dreams.  By chance, the two meet up again, and this is where the story gets pretty dang interesting.  Kenna winds up in a bit of a predicament involving a wraith, and the clock is ticking.  Can Randal find a solution to this life or death problem so they can continue to see if their attraction can bloom into something else?  Stay tuned folks, because I have a feeling that this series is about to get intense!
Seduce, the first book of the Succubus Kiss Series, was such a fun book to read!  Jennifer Snyder once again proved she can write an amazing story that will keep the reader engaged and captivated throughout.  This book pulled me in immediately and I was not able to put this one down.  I loved the characters and found them not only intriguing but entertaining.  The story line was refreshing and is an amazing start to what appears will be an outstanding series.  Would I recommend this book?  Heck yes! With mystery, romance and supernatural characters, this one is a must read!!!

5 stars
Jennifer Snyder lives in North Carolina were she spends most of her time writing New Adult and Young Adult Fiction, reading, and struggling to stay on top of housework. She is a tea lover with an obsession for Post-it notes and smooth writing pens. Jennifer lives with her husband and two children, who endure listening to songs that spur inspiration on repeat and tolerate her love for all paranormal, teenage-targeted TV shows.
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