Book Review ~ The Harvest (The Last Orphans #2) by N.W. Harris

The Harvest (The Last Orphans Book 2) - N.W. Harris

Synopsis ~ 

In the wake of the apocalypse, nobody is safe.

Shane Tucker and his friends thought they managed to save the world from the destructive machine that killed off most of its adult population. Unfortunately, a war nobody was prepared for has only just begun. Now they find themselves joining ranks with a secret organization that will train them to fight for the right to survive. Taking refuge alongside other teenage survivors in a hidden base set deep within the mountains, they will learn how to repel an imminent attack by an ancient race of aliens.

Determined to safeguard the children under their charge, Shane and his friends compete for the ultimate prize—a suicide mission against the flagship of the alien fleet. While Shane's feelings for Kelly deepen, along with his need to protect her, he finds emotions clouding his judgment. He’ll gladly die for her. But he refuses to die with her. No amount of training can prepare them for what is to come. Everything the brave teenagers have endured thus far will be eclipsed, with the freedom of humanity hanging in the balance.

The Harvest is the heart-pumping sequel to The Last Orphans by N.W. Harris.

My Thoughts ~

The Harvest starts right off where the Last Orphans ended which I loved because after reading the first book, I needed an answer to the major cliffhanger ending that had me in a book hangover for days.  You don’t know how excited I was when Mr. Harris contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing The Harvest.  So…..was The Harvest everything I expected?  Heck yes, plus more than I could have ever imagined.  The Harvest took a direction I did not see coming after reading The Last Orphans and I liked it.  A lot!


Two hundred thousand years ago, the Anunnaki  (an alien race) mixed their DNA with that of the Neanderthals.  The result?  The human race as we know it.  Six thousand years later they came back to earth and enslaved the humans.  Now they are coming back and intend to enslave the human race for good.  After terminating the adult population and leaving the younger, more impressionable inhabitants to live, the human crop is ripe and the Anunnaki are returning to Earth to collect their harvest.


With the help of rebel Anunnaki who have been on earth for quite some time helping our government advance in the technology field, it is now up to seven groups of seven kids each to make sure that the Anunnaki don’t get the soldiers and slaves they need in order for the human race to become the secret weapon they need to turn the age-old war in their favor.  Shane, Kelly and the rest of the kids who have been recruited for this suicide mission go through vigorous training that will prepare them to take out the alien spaceships and ensure that the remaining human race does not get in the grips of the Anunnaki.


For this mission, few will live and many will die, but with an epic ending to book two that sheds doubts on the whole situation, questions come up that could change the whole situation for Earth.  Who should be trusted and who is telling the truth?


This story is extremely well written and Mr. Harris does an awesome job with his descriptions.  You feel as though you are right there with the characters experiencing the blood, sweat and tears.  The characters have evolved so much during the course of this series and you can’t help but to care for them and pull for them as they face perhaps the biggest battle of their lives.  In between all the action, there is a small bit of romance blooming in the air for our two main characters, Shane and Kelly, and I think it adds depth to the story as Shane struggles with his feelings of wanting to protect Kelly, but not wanting to die along with her.


The Harvest did not disappoint me at all.  It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and kept me interested throughout.   Mr. Harris left us with another cliffhanger that I did not see coming, so I must wait (rather impatiently) for the next installment of this truly heart-pounding story, but you know what? I know it’s going to be worth the wait and be spectacular, because the first two books have hit it out of the park!


Quite frankly, this series is amazing and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who enjoys an intense action-packed science-fiction thriller.