Book Review - Bound to be Pleasured by Pam McKenna

Bound to be Pleasured - Pam McKenna

Bound to Be Pleasured is an erotic romance “boxed set” which combines three of Pam McKenna’s highly acclaimed erotic works into one bargain-priced volume. The short novel and two novellas included in this set were originally published by Ellora’s Cave.



Binding Agreement
Kay lives a boring and straight-laced, unfulfilled life. After a near death experience, she now wants to live life to the fullest. When she meets John on the beach during a midnight swim in the ocean, and has a night filled with intense BDSM sex, her life will never be boring again.


This was a very intense read for me. Although it only has 111 pages, it seemed much longer than that. The sexual scenes are HOT and STEAMY and EROTIC. With over the top vivid descriptions and the hot erotic sex scenes, this story will have even the prudest individuals fanning themselves and begging for more!

I really don’t think the cover matches this story though. It leads the reader to believe they are about to read something light and sweet and it is nothing of the sort. What is in between the pages is hard, hot and at times dark.


Overall, this was a good book that I enjoyed. Ms. McKenna definitely has a talent for crafting an amazing erotic reading experience. If you like to read a book with intense sex scenes and BDSM, then look no further than Binding Agreement.


Photo Play

WOW - just WOW! I really enjoyed this story. So much hot and steamy goodness in the pages of this short but sexy novella!


At the beginning, Kom seemed to be an egotistical prick with a lot of ex-wife baggage, but as the photo op and the story progressed, the man really grew on me and I loved him!


I liked the fact that Darla was just your typical girl wanting desperately to make her fiancé happy and willing to go outside the box to do just that. I don't condone the cheating aspect of the story, but heck, this is fiction after all and in the end, she finally figured out what she truly wanted - and needed.


Photo Play is pretty freaking hot! I was instantly sucked into this sexy and captivating story and could not put it down. It was a satisfying quickie that brought a smile to my face with the happy ending. This is the second novella I have read by Pam McKenna and it is my favorite so far. If you love Erotic/BDSM stories, then this is a must read!


Faking It
When Britt tries to sell one of her paintings, a forged nineteenth-century masterpiece, to sexy millionaire Garrett, she gets more than she bargained for when she gets caught. Her punishment is seven days of sexual fun with Garrett and his friend Jack- or go to jail. Ummm, tough choice......or not!


In Faking It, Pam McKenna proves once again that she can write not only a solid erotic romance, but also incorporate some fun, witty dialogue as well that really engages the reader throughout. There was so much to like in this book. The dialogue between the three characters was so hilarious, I found myself laughing out loud several times. When I wasn't laughing, I was wondering who turned off the A/C in the room because the sex scenes were HOT! Who knew one could have so much fun with a chin-up bar? (Note to self: Add chin-up bar to Amazon wish list!)


This well written, provocative story is hot, steamy and is the perfect read for a lazy afternoon. Faking It has it all - great sex, awesome story line and hot male characters! Fans of erotic romance will not want to miss out reading this short but satisfying novella.

*I received a copy of these books from the author via Booktrope Publishing in exchange for an honest review.