Book Review ~ Photo Play by Pam McKenna

Photo Play - Pam McKenna


Shy Darla Carmody decides to jump-start her flaccid love life by presenting her fiancé with sexy photos of herself. She doesn't bargain on the photographer, Kon Drummond, being a hunky Dom determined to personally demonstrate what she's been missing. The photo session turns into a BDSM marathon as Kon introduces Darla to the erotic pleasures of bondage, spanking, and complete sexual submission--all under the unforgiving lens of his camera. Never has Darla imagined herself on the receiving end of such treatment, or guessed the ecstasy it would bring her. Kon has been burned by three expensive divorces and refuses to acknowledge his emotional connection to Darla. He taught her to embrace a part of herself she never knew existed. Will he let her return the favor?


My Thoughts:

WOW - just WOW!  I really enjoyed this story.  So much hot and steamy goodness in the pages of this short but sexy novella!


At the beginning, Kom seemed to be an egotistical prick with a lot of ex-wife baggage, but as the photo op and the story progressed, the man really grew on me and I loved him!


I liked the fact that Darla was just your typical girl wanting desperately to make her fiancé happy and willing to go outside the box to do just that.  I don't condone the cheating aspect of the story, but heck, this is fiction after all and in the end, she finally figured out what she truly wanted - and needed.


Photo Play is pretty freaking hot!  I was instantly sucked into this sexy and captivating story and could not put it down.  It was a satisfying quickie that brought a smile to my face with the happy ending.  This is the second novella I have read by Pam McKenna and it is my favorite so far.  If you love Erotic/BDSM stories, then this is a must read!


4 Stars for this pantie drenching novella!


*I received a copy of this book from the author via Booktrope Publishing in exchange for an honest review