Book Review ~ Little Black Book (Little Black Book #1) by Tabatha Vargo and Melissa Andrea

Little Black Book - Tabatha Vargo, Melissa Andrea

First off, those two rules -





and the part about –




Yeah, those did not work for me – at all.  Right from the start of this story, I was not a fan of Sebastian Black.  I thought he was an egotistical, arrogant, self-absorbed prick.  And the women who bought into that crap?  Well, to each her own I guess but, to get paid for sex, well, that did not work for me either.


But I did continue reading this book, only to find out what the big deal was.  Reviewers either love it or hate it, so I had to find out why.  I am just going to throw it out there – I liked it.  Did I love it?  No.  Would I recommend it to others?  Yes, only because it was a good story, and if you read the synopsis and other reviews, you should know what you are about to read.  Why is it good you ask?  Well this is why:


Sebastian owns his own nightclub.  Because of its success, he is filthy rich.  Because of his crappy childhood, he really does not want to have any emotional attachment to any women.  He doesn't even call them by their real name for heaven’s sake.  Nope, he assigns them cartoon character names. Seriously, names like Bambi, Wilma and Betty. And he puts all these names and numbers in his Little Black Book.  His goal?  To fine his perfect Jessica Rabbit.  To him, Jessica Rabbit is the perfect woman and one that will never surface, because well, Jessica Rabbit is not real.  So until he finds his Jessica Rabbit, he has his harem of women he calls upon and pays them well for their time.  Because of Sebastian’s past, I gave him a small pass for his attitude toward women.  He’s damaged and someone needs to fix him.


All of that changes though when Rosslyn enters the scene.  She has raised her brother ever since her parents were brutally murdered.  Needing a job, she lands one at Sebastian’s club.  Once Sebastian meets her though, he is convinced that Rosslyn is his Jessica Rabbit.  So what’s he do?  He fires her on the spot and offers her a deal she cannot refuse.  At first she does not accept it, but after losing her house, her car and now jobless, she accepts.  The problem I had with Rosslyn’s character is that she was a virgin before she met Sebastian, and after her first encounter, she suddenly becomes this sexual vixen?  Well, this is fiction, so I guess I will have to give it a pass.  Anyway, Rosslyn is finally living the good life, but she is breaking one of Sebastian’s rules….she is falling in love with the man (gosh, I did not see that one coming).


So far, the story has been pretty typical, nothing really special.  Yes, the sex was hot.  I mean, it’s Sebastian Black for goodness sake.  But intertwined in this romance story is a mystery that is begging to be solved. You see, Rosslyn’s parents’ murder was never solved.  The killers are still out there.  When she finds out who it was, well, that is where this story really picked up and I was hanging on for dear life as the story unfolded.



Overall, this was a good story that I don’t regret reading.  The writing was good and the characters, although complex, were interesting to read about.  This one did not leave in a cliffhanger which I appreciated and I always love it when it ends in a happily ever after.  I grew to love Sebastian and I think you will to when you read this story.