Book Review ~ Good Wood by Michelle Pace and L.G. Pace III

Good Wood (Carved Hearts Book 1) - L.G. Pace III, Michelle Pace

This book was absolute PERFECTION!  Written by a husband and wife team, you would never know that it was written by two people.  Every sentence, every paragraph, every chapter flowed seamlessly. 


Right from the start, the prologue had me in tears.  Not just a little bit - oh no.  I was bawling.  My heart broke for Joe and I could only hope that he would find happiness before the book ended.  To lose so much in a blink of an eye was tragic and it was no surprise that he became totally unstable and withdrawn.  I mean who wouldn't after losing so much?  The most sad thing of all was he stopped carving.  This man creates awesome works of art with just scrap wood.  Totally amazing! 


Molly was a terrific character too.  She had her own emotional baggage, and really was not looking for a relationship.  But when she comes face to face with her childhood crush, she might just have to reconsider that decision.  Molly is spunky and really fun and I really enjoyed her character.  (Note to authors:  Excellent choice for the cover model!  She is the perfect "Molly".)


To become so emotionally invested just from a prologue speaks volumes and the feelings continue on throughout this story.  I actually found myself slowing down my reading speed - savoring each and every word of the story.  Good Wood is good stuff and is one that is a must read if you enjoy contemporary romance.  This was a spectacular start to what looks like will be an awesome series and I can't wait for the next book.