Book Review ~ Going Pecans (Holiday Sugar #1) by Gina Henning

Going Pecans: A Romantic Comedy (Holiday Sugar ) - Gina Henning

Lauren has been entrusted with her grandmother’s highly secret pecan pie recipe and has been tasked to bake this pie for the upcoming family Thanksgiving meal.  Looking at the ingredient list, everything looks pretty standard – except the pecans.  They MUST come from a certain pecan farm – no exceptions, or the pie will not be the same. These pecans absolutely make the pie taste so good and grandma will know if inferior pecans are used.  You know the saying – if grandma ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy!


Of course, once Lauren gets to the pecan farm, only one small eight ounce bag is left and she needs ten ounces to make the pie.  As she is in line to check out, the sexy business man in front of her has thirteen bags of the desired pecans.  What the heck does he need all those for?  Surly he can spare one small bag.  But nope, the pecan hoarder is not parting with the pecans, no matter the price Lauren offers him.

Anyway, the situation goes from bad to worse as she starts her two hour trip home and she gets a flat tire.  Of course, there is no spare tire in the trunk thanks to her not so handy brother-in -law.  Then she discovers her cell phone has died.  So with that, she starts walking home.  Being in Texas, the weather changes by the minute (truth….I live there!) and her sunny and warm forecasted day turns to a freezing sleet storm.


Lucky for her, a passing vehicle stops to help and it is none other than the pecan hoarder.  His name is Jack by the way.  They really do click and since they both have pies to make, Jack invites Lauren to his place of business because he has an awesome commercial kitchen and they can whip those pies up in no time.  Once she gets there though and looks over his recipe, she discovers that her grandmother’s secret family recipe is not so special at all because Jack has the same exact one.  Lauren is devastated because she thought her grandma’s recipe was extra special, but spending the time with Jack make her forget all about that.


Oh, my gosh!  This story was an absolute delight to read!  Humor and funny antics are abundant in this fast paced, loveable story and I could not help but laugh out loud as I was reading.  Even figuring out that Grandma might be playing match maker did not take away from the story at all – matter of fact, it made it all that much funnier.  Going Pecans is truly fantastic and well worth the time.  Ms. Henning’s writing style flows so effortlessly, the reader can’t help but be swept away in this sweet story.  I highly recommend Going Pecans if you love a light-hearted romance that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.