Book Review ~ Forget You by Jennifer Snyder

Forget You - Jennifer Snyder
Forget You is book 4 of the Coldcreek Series and in my opinion is the best one yet!  Ms. Snyder pulled out all the stops for Eva’s story, and from the very first page reeled me in - hook, line and sinker.  I totally fell in love with ‘Soldier Boy’ Sawyer.  I laughed at his witty one-liners and loved his simple and quirky date ideas.  Sawyer is the complete package and the perfect match for Eva who deserved her ‘Happily Ever After’.
Forget You is packed full of emotions, witty and sarcastic banter and lovable characters.  I must admit, I did panic for a while and had a WTH moment where my heart dropped into my stomach and tears were shed as the story became so intense and took a direction I did not see coming – at all.  I became so involved with the characters and the plot, the world around me ceased to exist while I was reading this amazing story. 

Ms. Snyder's writing gets better and better with each book and I can’t wait to read anything and everything written by this outstanding and totally amazing author!