Book Review ~ Almost Perfect by Diane Daniels Manning

Almost Perfect - Diane  Daniels Manning

Benny is a special needs child who lives with his father and step-mother.  All he wants is for his dysfunctional mother to love him and spend time with him.  He feels that if he does something ‘big’ with his life, his mother will love him more.  And most of all, he has always wanted is a dog to call his own.


Bess is a seventy-year old who always dreamed of winning the Westminster Dog Show with her poodles.  Deciding she is now too old to pursue that dream, she closes down her famous kennel. She sells off all of her dogs except for McCreery and his adorable son, Breaker.


When Benny and Bess get together, they realize that together, dreams can come true.


Almost Perfect is one of those books that will leave a lasting impression on your heart – it did mine for sure.  Right from the start, the cover really pulled on my heart strings.  The puppy?  So freaking cute! The story itself was very emotional and touching.  I fell in love with McCreery and Breaker along with the other characters.  I loved that the characters were real.  They had real problems, real emotions and real solutions that anyone can relate to.   I truly enjoyed reading this book and it is one that I would recommend to not only animal lovers, but to anyone looking for a story that is inspirational.