Book Review ~ Return to Love (Endless Love Series Book 2) by Kathleen Shoop

Return to Love (The Endless Love Series) (Volume 2) - Kathleen Shoop

Return to Love was such an emotional story to read.  It centers around the loss of a child at birth and the emotional and psychological toll it can take on the mother and those who love her.  It is especially hard when your spouse is away serving his country in the midst of the Vietnam War.

At a time in history when women where just told to deal with it and move on, I found myself getting really angry at the insensitivity of the medical community and how they dealt with still-born children and the mothers.  It was downright appalling and made me ill just to read about it.  Thankfully in this story, an 'angel', named Nurse Peters, realizes there is a major flaw in the system and provided much needed sympathy, understanding and a caring attitude towards her patients, even risking her job to do so.  Another 'angel' in this story is Martha.  Her way of keeping April busy to try and get her back to a somewhat normal existence was absolutely awesome.

This book tackled a very tough issue and Ms. Shoop managed to write about it in a graceful and beautiful manner.  With her vivid descriptions of the scenery and characters who are well developed, it was so easy to get drawn into this heartbreaking story.  I fell in love with Hale and April in Home Again and this story made me love them even more.  Their marriage was tested in this story and they made it through despite the odds.  I can not wait to read the next installment of this beautiful series.


*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.