Book Review ~ Binding Agreement by Pam McKenna

Binding Agreement - Pam McKenna

Kay lives a boring and straight-laced, unfulfilled life.  After a near death experience, she now wants to live life to the fullest.  When she meets John on the beach during a midnight swim in the ocean, and has a night filled with intense BDSM sex, her life will never be boring again.

This was a very intense read for me.  Although it only has 111 pages, it seemed much longer than that.  The sexual scenes are HOT and STEAMY and EROTIC.  With over the top vivid descriptions and the hot erotic sex scenes, this story will have even the prudest individuals fanning themselves and begging for more! 

I really don’t think the cover matches this story though.  It leads the reader to believe they are about to read something light and sweet and it is nothing of the sort.  What is in between the pages is hard, hot and at times dark. 


Overall, this was a good book that I enjoyed.  Ms. McKenna definitely has a talent for crafting an amazing erotic reading experience.  If you like to read a book with intense sex scenes and BDSM, then look no further than Binding Agreement.

*I received a copy of the book from the author via Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.