Book Review ~ Fallen by Laury Falter

Fallen  - Laury Falter

Fallen by Laury Falter is an absolutely fantastic and intriguing book to read.  From the first page, I was immediately drawn into the story wanting to know more about Maggie and her gift.  Maggie was a completely awesome character and I loved her sarcastic, witty humor and her fearless attitude.  I especially liked her 'roommates' and felt that they added that special touch to this story.  And then there is Eran {{sigh}}.  He is Maggie's Guardian, and you can tell right from the beginning that there is something going on besides his job as protector.


This book laid the groundwork perfectly for the next two installments of this trilogy and I cannot wait to start book two.  The world-building was very creative and the character building was exceptional.  What I really liked is that there was not a huge cliffhanger at the end and that is a big plus for me.  The ending just left me with a few questions and the desire to continue on this journey with Maggie, Eran and the gang.


With tons of action, lovable characters, humorous moments and true love that withstands the test of time, made this book an enjoyable, fast-paced read.  Fallen definitely had a different twist and is not your typical angle/demon themed story and it is one that I would recommend.