Book Review ~ Shattering Halos by Sunniva Dee

Shattering Halos - Sunniva Dee

After being the only survivor of a horrific car crash in which she was thrown from the car, Gaia is comforted at the crash scene by an unknown young man named Gabriel.  He makes a few more appearances while she is recovering in the hospital and eventually Gaia finds out that he is her Guardian Angel.  Sounds all heavenly, right?  Well, things get a little bit more complicated when the two grow quite fond of each other, which by the way is forbidden and where this story really takes off. Gaia and Gabriel have this chemistry that is undeniably HOT!  The reader instantly is routing for the two, because they are just so perfect for each other.  Of course, no story would be complete without your sexy bad boy thrown in the mix.  Cassiel, a Fallen Angel, is beyond sexy and he also provides some comic relief in the way of sarcastic and witty lines.  I totally fell in love with Cassiel and really hope he gets is own story!


Shattering Halos was an absolute delight to read!  I am usually not a fan of paranormal stories dealing with angels, but with well-developed characters, an intriguing plot, all tied up in a beautifully written story,  I will have to admit that this one was hard to put down.  It really had a little bit of everything that I love to read – forbidden love, steamy romance, humorous moments and lots of action.  Sunniva Dee has created a flawless masterpiece that flowed seamlessly throughout and I was surprised to learn that this was her debut novel.  So with that, I applaud Ms. Dee for a job well done!  I will definitely be looking out for future works by this rising star in the literary world.