Book Review ~ The 13th Prophet (A Short Story) by T. Lucas Earle

The 13th Prophet - T. Lucas Earle

The 13th Prophet is set in the future where people buy personalities and heaven forbid if they are caught 'wearing' last year's personality.  There are twelve prophets in which the personalities are developed from.  When one of the prophets, Defiance, is murdered, it is up to Mulligan Burke to track down the killer.  Coming out of retirement to solve this case, Burke is probably the only person who does not conform to the Personality fad.  I liked this about him - a lot. The story follows Burke as he attempts to find the killer and give the 'manufactures' the answers they so desperately need.  You might be asking yourself, if the book is titled The 13th Prophet, why is there only twelve mentioned?  The answer of course is revealed at the end, and I must admit, I did not see that one coming!


This story was very unique and quite different from anything that I have ever read.  The author has created a story that completely captivated my attention.   In a way, this book depicts what I believe our society has come to - who has the best car, home, clothes, etc.  With a mix of science fiction, a dystopian world, and a murder mystery, this quick read is definitely entertaining and thought-provoking.  Mr. Earle has created a very fascinating world and with only 23 pages provided all the ingredients needed for a fast, unique reading experience.