Silver (The Silver #1) by Cheree Alsop

Silver (The Silver #1) - Cheree Alsop

Jaze and his mom moved to a new town after the death of his father who was killed by werewolf hunters.  Yes, his father was a werewolf and yes, so is Jaze.  Something is off with this new town, but when Jaze starts his first day of school, his suspensions are confirmed.....this town is full of werewolves!  He becomes friends with a human, Brock, and his secret is revealed one day when he had to save Brocks butt from the town's pack of werewolves. Brock is totally cool with Jaze being a werewolf and their friendship grows even further.   Determining that something or someone is killing all of the alpha males, Jaze, with the help of Brock, Mouse and Jaze's new love interest Nikki, are in for some killer action when they take on the werewolf responsible for all the mayhem.  Oh, and Nikki's parents?  They just happen to be werewolf hunters!  Things are about to get real interesting!!!

Silver is the first book of The Silver Series by Cheree Alsop.  You know what the best part is? All seven of the books have been released, so there is NO waiting for each book!  YAY!  This is just perfect for me because I really liked Silver and want to continue the series without playing the waiting game.  Silver was a really quick read and totally enjoyable.  This book is an awesome start to what looks like will be an amazing series.  With its own unique twist on werewolves, and totally likable characters, this one is a must to add to your reading list.

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