Book Review ~ Counteract (The Resistance Series Book 1) by Tracy Lawson

Counteract (Resistance Series, Book 1) - Tracy Lawson


Two strangers-their destinies entwined-must work together to thwart a terrorist the country never suspected.


The Office of Civilian Safety and Defense has guarded the public against the rampant threat of terrorism for the last fifteen years with the full backing of the US government. Their carefully crafted list of Civilian Restrictions means no concerts or sporting events, no travel, no social media, no cash transactions, and no driver's licenses for eighteen-year-olds Tommy and Careen. The OCSD has even outlawed grocery stores, all in the name of safety.


Now, there's a new threat-airborne chemical weapons that could be activated at any time. But the OCSD has an antidote: Just three drops a day is all it takes to stay safe. It's a small price to pay for safety.


Or is it...


My Thoughts

What if the government controlled every aspect of your life?  From the food that you eat, to the programming you watch on television?  Every. Single. Aspect.  What if the government - the one you trusted so much, tells you that an airborne chemical weapons attack from another nation is imminent and you HAD to take an antidote to counteract the deadly air that MIGHT be coming?  Would you question it?  And what would you do if you found out that the government - the one thing that you trusted all of your life has LIED?  Would you fight back or comply? This is the world that Ms. Lawson has created and it is pure genius!  Of course, this is a work of fiction, but something that I could totally see happening in the near future - our future, and this book really will make you think....what if?


Counteract is so action-packed and so thought-provoking,  I had a difficult time putting it down.  The characters are realistic and totally relatable.  And the writing? It flowed so effortlessly and was edited so perfectly, I was surprised to learn that this is the author's first novel. {{Insert applause}}  If you love Dystopian fiction, then you're going to love this uniquely fresh story that will keep you interested and on the edge of your seat throughout.  I really look forward to reading the next installment of this intriguing and thrilling trilogy of corrupted government and the Resistance that wants to bring it all down.


*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.